About Us

Born from growers who saw a need to connect their goods from the farm to the table, The Market Garden provides the kind of seamless online buying that's become a routine part of our daily lives. Buyers can browse through a cornucopia of fresh products offered from a growing network of local sellers who have a personal investment in what goes on your plate.

Buying local shouldn't have to be a big to-do. It should be convenient, easy, and even a little fun, with new products appearing daily and a variety of the freshest seasonal items only a few clicks away. The Market Garden is committed to making that happen - keeping the community engaged and excited with what they eat and where they get it from.

Imagine a farmers' market that operates 24/7, providing delicious groceries and handmade goods to an online community of hungry locals, who care about where their food comes from. That's the Market Garden.

Start buying or selling your local goods in 2019!


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